How can I add a new outfit?

Blender is required to add costumes.
The latest version uses Blender 2.92.0.

Follow the steps below to add a costume.

  1. Open the .blend file located at:
  2. Create or add a new outfit and name it according to the following naming convention.
  1. Set the armature for the added costume.
    You can easily set it by transferring the weight from Body.
  2. Export as an FBX file with the following settings.
  1. In Unity, Copy the FBX file to the following location:
  2. Select the FBX file you just added and change Rig to Humanoid.
  3. Change the Avatar Definition
    “CopyFrom Other Avatar -> Customizable Anime Girl Avatar”
  4. Uncheck Animation and Materials.
  5. Select “CustomizableAnimeGirl” in scene, and add a new FBX file to the CustomizeManager FBX list.
  6. Press “Auto Detect Meshes”.
  7. If it is prefabricated, click ApplyAll in Overrides to apply the changes to the prefab.
  8. Complete


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